We Are Foja, Single Property Agency.

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  • The resort does not accept guests with pets.
  • The resort is available from the May holiday weekend to 27th October.
  • Check-in from 17:00, check-out at 14:00 the next day.
  • In order to confirm your reservation, it is required to pay the fee by the 5th day from the date of receipt of the booking confirmation. Payment can be made by bank transfer to the account 54 1020 5226 0000 6102 0628 7082.

Holiday bungalow

 Bungalow for 3 peopleBungalow for 4
Bungalow for 5
(nr 1-10)
Bungalow for 5
(nr 30-36, 11)
Bungalow for 6 peopleBungalow
for 6 people
nr 43
Price per night66, 00 zł88, 00 zł88, 00 zł110, 00 zł132, 00 zł142, 00 zł
Price per 7 days462, 00 zł616, 00 zł616, 00 zł770, 00 zł924, 00 zł994, 00 zł

The rooms in the administrative building with a shared kitchen and bathroom

 Two 2-bed rooms
(for 4 persons)
Two 3-bed rooms
(for 6 persons)
Price per night116, 00 zł174, 00 zł
Price per 7 days
812, 00 zł1218, 00 zł

MPK employees are advised to make bookings by:

  • contacting the HR department at: 71/32 50 812
  • filling out the “booking” form in the offices of various MPK depots and sending them to the main office at B. Prusa 75-79, room no. 1